Knitting & Me

I was surrounded by yarn and needles as a child, as my Mum would test patterns for yarn companies for a little income while staying home with me and my sisters. Although I have no idea when I learned to knit, I do know I completed my first garment when I was 8 years old. I vividly remember the first thing I designed or improvised myself: it was a waistcoat, using up the remnants lying around, consisting of lilac mohair, white, pink, turquoise, and black. I did the back and button bands in lilac, and included all the other colours in Fair Isle panels for the fronts. I took on enormous challenges back then, my first Aran sweater had cables and bobbles crammed into every spare inch, and my first venture into beaded knitting was a jacket smothered in over 11,000 sequins.

Recently, as I turned back to knitting as a relaxing outlet for my creativity, I wonder where did the girl who could just pick up yarn, and (with rudimentary knowledge of only one type of cast-on, and one bind-off) knit up something unique go? Well honestly, I just do not have the time to play around as much as I used to, and I’m working on gradually building on the skills that bring me so much pleasure. I found out about Ravelry oh, I guess a little over a year ago, and there found an enormous community brimming with support and resources, and began designing patterns again……only this time, I wrote them down! I’m posting links to patterns I’ve already published, and going forward, I’ll post about the development of my designs and progress with projects.


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2 Responses to “Knitting & Me”

  1. jewlbal3 Says:

    Welcome back to knitting!

    And isn’t Ravelry just the most incredible resource? I’ll never Google a pattern again! And it definitely brings one’s creative juices to a whole new level — so many unique ideas!

    • chrisabbott Says:

      Absolutley! Ravelry has opened a new world for me – I’ve joined friends I met there, found yarns, inspiration & support, motivation, oh, and a bunch of unashamed “enablers” ;o)

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