A Beanie for the Man – Progress

“I don’t have anything like this” says my husband as he points to the rainbow-coloured Mini Mochi.   (The one in the middle of the selection pictured in my first post on My Man’s Beanie below).

He, being all man, does not actually say he would like a hat made with that yarn, and does not pick it up to feel it, just a firm point.  Me, being all knitter-woman, jumps to the conclusion that different is good, so this hat will be really different.

I browsed, snoozed, browsed, checked out patterns raising funds for Haiti and so on until I realized that not one pattern contained all the features I want for this demonstration of love for my hubby.  So I’m improvising this one.  A quick consultation with the OT: FGF Insanity Group’s 2010 Colorwork Support Thread, yielded me a link to a wonderful tutorial posted to Philosopherswool.com with an excellent demonstration not only of two-handed knitting, but also a technique for weaving or twisting in the yarn carried in the back.  I think short, neat, loops in the back will be essential for a hat that will be (hopefully) worn frequently.

Check out my progress so far:


I took this with me to a knitters’ group I attended for the first time a couple of days ago.  Nice little group of knitters with varying experience.  I’ll be back: coffee shop + book store + good company of other knitters is a good way to goof off for an hour or two.

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