Competition – Name This Hat

I finished my man’s beanie already.  Lookie!


and the top:


This was so much fun to knit, and I have more yarn left than I used. I guess that means I could’ve wound half a skein and worked from the two halves to get a hat out of one skein of Mini Mochi! Steal!!

I’m having a competition to name the hat (while I polish up and publish the pattern). Post a comment with a name for the hat. I’ll give a free copy of this pattern, plus, you may choose another of my patterns to the winning name.


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19 Responses to “Competition – Name This Hat”

  1. Scullerymaid Says:

    Well, Tornado Cap was my first thought, but it’s already taken, so how about Cyclone Beanie?

  2. chrisabbott Says:

    Tornado is taken?? I guess I’ll have to look up all the names once they’re in.

  3. Krystal Says:

    Hmmm… rainbow swirl? I usually hate putting the color names in with the name of the pattern but that is certainly what it is. lol

  4. peachesforever Says:

    My suggested name is: Earth, Wind and Fire on the Brain. It’s a wonderful hat – congratulations!!!!

  5. Jorah Says:

    Afghani Sunset!

    Desert Sunset!

  6. Jorah Says:

    Rainbow tornado!

  7. Readingknitter01 Says:

    I love this hat!!!
    My name for it is Splendiferous Spiral

  8. Corvidae Says:

    How about Spiral Iris? It makes me think of the iris on a camera lens.

  9. Paige Says:

    Hmm..what about Color Maelstrom or Elemental Maelstrom or something like that?

  10. pussypye Says:

    I think that you should name the beanie Helter Skelter. I think it’s awesome!!!

  11. Wendy Says:

    Crayons in a blender
    Tornado at the Crayon factory

  12. rmsheffler Says:

    Hypnotic — it reminds me of the swirls you see in cartoon characters’ eyes when they get hypnotized!

  13. Joy Says:

    Twizzal – which is a cross between Twizzle and Spiral (both of which have been used ad-infinitum already).
    Of course, people will just think you can’t spell if you use this name ;-).

  14. pineneedles4 Says:

    How about “color swirls majic” hat.


  15. Lorry Says:

    How about Brit Beanie? or Sunburst? It is just a great looking hat.

  16. Tricia Says:

    Mochi Kalidiscope seems to fit!

  17. Betty S Says:

    I’m thinking “Brain Wave”.

  18. Susan Says:

    Spiral-gyra Beanie!

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