And the finalists are…

Elemental Maelstrom, Hypnotic, Brain Wave, and Earth Wind & Fire – thanks to my BabySis and SisterFriend for choosing those, I couldn’t possibly do that myself, I like them all.

I’ve posted for votes in Ravelry – voting closes Monday (tomorrow) at midnight. Once the winner has been chosen, I’ll do a random drawing from the rest of the entries. This is fun!!

In case you hadn’t noticed, some of us got a lot of weather in the last few days. When I saw the forecast, I decided to meet a friend for lunch Copia on the Corridor in Norman, which was a treat in itself since my budget & diet has me taking lunch to work lately.  Crab cakes were delicious, and I really enjoyed the art they had on display.  Then I dropped in at L & B Yarn Co just to pick up a needle in a size missing from my collection…..couldn’t be stuck home in a storm without that needle.  What timing!  “Would you like to come back into the store room and see what we just got?”  says a temptress in the guise of a harmless little yarn store owner.  (which induced an indecent quickening of heartbeart)…..

They were unpacking a shipment of yarn including Mini Mochi and Mochi Plus.  Despite my resolve to minimize spending, I had to choose at least one of the lovely colourways.  I need some of the Mochi Plus so I may create a softer, beret-style sister to the man’s beanie – right?  Here’s what I got (had to take the picture in the window as there was so little light):



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