Will it Fit??

Why oh why do I knit happily away for half a sweater, and then start worrying, will it fit?  As the wif anxiety increases, the fun of knitting decreases, and eventually I wind up with a big pile of snoozing wip.

Well this year I will banish those wips, starting with March Basic.  I started this cardigan in a lovely, soft merino: Cara Mia by Needful Yarns.  Problem is, it curls dreadfully so I couldn’t tell if it was going to fit.  Blocking and a ribbed band (knitted on last) will take care of the curling, but what about my wif anxiety in the meantime?

A dress form is the answer, and Wendy Bernard (Custom Knits) came to my rescue.  A couple of rolls of duct tape, bag of stuffing, a sacrificial t-shirt, and a glass of wine is cheap enough.  My husband offered to tape me up.  Yes, smoothing out the tape can be fun, but doing the whole thing properly would test the patience of most non-knitting partners.  He did pretty good, although I think my boobs got a little squished, and I’m sure the left one isn’t as bumpy as my body double turned out.  I learned how important posture is too – you slouch, your tummy develops an “is she or isn’t she?” pregnant look….and if you do this while clad with duct tape, the look doesn’t go away when you stand up straight again (duct tape does not have much elasticity!)  Still, I can now tell if my cardigan is going to meet in the middle, or gape so horribly, that I should frog it now.  Although it has gotten somewhat wrinkled while snoozing in my wip cupboard, I think this looks OK:
MarchBasicFront MarchBasic


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