What would you do?

I’m here – in Tokyo! No pictures yet – I got in at the end of the afternoon, and it was dark by the time I made it to my hotel. I had a pretty smooth trip (except for playing musical chairs to get a seat with a functioning overhead light; cabin maintenance on flights appears to be really lax these days). We did have an awkward moment though, and I was honestly at a loss to know the “right” thing to do:

I took a flight to Chicago, where I met three cruise companions that were taking the same flight as me to Tokyo. We had nice introductions and so forth, and then two set out to get some currency changed. Of course my new friend and I did not mind keeping an eye on their bags. Then we waited, and waited, and they called groups 1 & 2, then 3, then all groups…..finally (after we’d asked for a page), one of our companions showed up, not knowing where the other was. As the last few passengers boarded and we were getting impatient looks, we explained our dilemma.
“If you leave those bags, we’ll have to get the airport police” we were told.
Listen, I worked 14 hours the day before so I could leave guilt-free; I barely slept, arrived at the first airport at 5:00 am, I’m too wound up and tired to be making good decisions right now. (OK, I actually considered saying that the airport police would find our missing traveller quicker than us). I should add that my three companions are staying at the same hotel, however I am meeting my friend at a different one and have no way to contact her so I have to be on this flight. When the others said I should go ahead and board, I paused only briefly to thank them with a concerned look, and got on board.

I was rewarded with a seat that had no functioning TV screen, radio, or light. I can’t do a two-hour domestic flight without my knitting, I can’t imagine 14 hours in the dark! Fortunately, the cabin crew assured me I could move once we were up in the air. So after a few minutes that felt like an eternity, I made my way over to the area I believed my fellow travellers had seats….and they were all there with an empty seat alongside that I could take. Whew! No need to feel guilty any longer for deserting them at the gate.


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2 Responses to “What would you do?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I never ever watch anyone’s bags, because of just that situation. Of course I mostly travel alone or with Michael who doesn’t carry anything with him.

  2. David Says:

    WOW!!!! I know your having an amazing time!


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