Second Day in Tokyo + Embarkation

I noticed that I left my cosmetics and retainer at home.  Not much I can do about the retainer, I’ll just have to follow up with my Orthodentist if it doesn’t fit anymore, and I do not wear much make-up.  However, we have formal nights on the cruise and I can’t see myself dressing up and not using a little lip gloss & mascara.  So off we go to buy a few required items, and whatever else we may run across.  Here’s where we started out:

03212010 132

We shopped for binoculars, an umbrella (it rained), cosmetics, and I finally found the kind of leather key holder my husband wanted for Xmas + a matching wallet. We were too pooped to go out in search of the wonderful sushi bar we’d eaten at in the area before, and opted for a tea shop in a department store. The menu was not promising:

03212010 134

However, we had an exquisite afternoon tea. As a bonus, a young family brought their baby in to meet his grandmother and great grandmother, and we had fun interacting with them.

We headed off to board our ship in the afternoon – the port is big, modern, and quite impressive:

03212010 137

Our send off was captivating – it was amazing how loud (but good) the drummers were:

03212010 154

I found out that taking pictures at night from a moving ship is not easy – at least not with my little camera, but here’s a couple of pictures taken as we headed out to sea:

03212010 156

 03212010 148

03212010 144

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