First Day at Sea

Since we arrived a little late the day the ship sailed, SisterFriend and I only made it in time to do the evacuation drill, unpack, and grab a little supper in the Panorama Buffet.  I didn’t meet up with all our knitting friends until we showed up for class on our first day at sea.

Lily Chin gave us lots of information about fitting garments, why sweaters don’t always turn out the way they should, and how to alter existing patterns.  She brought along samples including her original design sketches and swatches – very interesting.  We looked at the different properties of various yarn fibers, weights, and how the fabrics knit from them behave.  I already have more ideas (& stash) than I can knit, so this is making me giddy!

So far, the food & drink selections are looking pretty good.  Everyone I have met so far is interesting and friendly, and our cabin is fairly spacious (so glad we went with the full bath & balcony).  I’m pleased to report that I have not a trace of sea sickness – I see that not everyone in our group is so fortunate.

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