Osaka, Japan

There’s all kinds of scenic and historic places to visit in Osaka (so I hear).  However, I was intrigued by this building spotted as we neared the port. Some lovely ladies greeted us and offered us information about the palace, flowering plum trees in the garden, shopping areas, but were not able to tell me what the colourful building with the gold domes is….. I showed them the photograph I took:

03212010 170

The ladies politely covered their faces as they giggled “Oh, that is where they burn the trash!”

We decided to visit the nearby Aquarium. There was a pretty garden & river otters just inside the entrance. The otters didn’t sit still for photographs, but the flowers behaved nicely:

03212010 172

It was feeding time for the sea otters:

03212010 176

I don’t wish to be rude, but I think it was perpetually feeding time for this ugly guy:

03212010 187

These handsome chappies were my friend’s favourite:

03212010 191
I wish that I had photographs of the gorgeous jellyfish we saw – I’ve never seen such intricate and fascinating creatures in an aquarium before. If you’re ever in Osaka, you should take a look at those.

I realized that I hadn’t eaten any local junk food yet, so we ducked into a nearby shopping centre and got noodles with taco yaki which are little balls of batter with octopus in the centre. Watching the vendor cook them by turning them deftly with chopsticks in special cooking pans that look like a cross between a skillet and an egg carton is pretty entertaining.

A detour to find a bathroom revealed a little store tucked in the corner that sold nothing but kaliedoscopes and taliedoscopes. I have a small collection of these treasures so I had to get one. Not sure if its possible to take a photo looking through, but had to try:

P3240919 P3240916 P3240915

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