Beijing & the Yarn Bus

We’ve finally arrived in China! 

Everything is a little different here – like they had real immigration people (that looked real serious) to check our passports.  The Lotus Yarn company awaited us….with a bus FULL of yarn:

03212010 438

Got cashmere???

They had all our pre-orders ready, plus lots more good stuff. I got silk, silk, and more silk, some cashmere, bamyak, bamboo, and some cotton with a touch of cashmere blended (Autumn Wind). I swatched the cotton blend right away and am in love with it. Finally I’ve found a yarn that will be good for Oklahoma weather, and with the cashmere, is soft enough to be a pleasure to knit. Uh-oh, I just spotted some merino lace-weight that I have to buy….(and all this without getting out of my seat!)

We have a long drive to Beijing so occasionally I set my knitting down and took a picture:

03212010 462

03212010 466

When we arrived, I really didn’t pay attention to what we were going to do, I just (barely) kept up with the group and took the odd picture of my foreign surroundings along the way:

03212010 474

03212010 495

03212010 485

Here I am, just inside the forbidden city – yes, the layers were necessary (so glad I took some warm knits with me). Although we were blessed with a sunny day, it was chilly to say the least.

03212010 515

This place is amazingly beautiful

03212010 523

03212010 529

03212010 531

…so much to look at

03212010 533

03212010 511

Everytime you go through a gate or doorway, there’s even more ahead of you than you’ve already seen:

03212010 539

03212010 549

I was fascintated with the ceramic roofs. They are incredibly ornate, and glistened like gold in the sunshine:

03212010 564

03212010 562

Evidently, I’m drawn to golden things

03212010 567

03212010 568

…but I did try to remember to look down from time to time

03212010 581

(and up)

03212010 583

03212010 590

There’s me again, still uncomfortable with being on the other side of the camera:

03212010 595

“Look at those knockers!” (couldn’t help myself)

03212010 601

03212010 600

03212010 603


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3 Responses to “Beijing & the Yarn Bus”

  1. rmsheffler Says:

    All I can say is: WOW!

  2. Purpleworms Says:

    Just beautiful, Chris! You got some gorgeous photos (and you look pretty good on that side of the camera too!

  3. bet365 Says:

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