Afternoon Tea in Dalian

I had no idea what to expect of Dalian; turns out its a large, modern city, popular with Chinese tourists as there are good beaches nearby.  I had no plans, even considered another lazy day on board (its cool to hang out on a ship after everyone else has gone ashore).  However, Deborah, mentioned that she was catching a shuttle into the city for lunch & shopping with Amy & Lily, and who could resist joining them?

03212010 630

It didn’t take long for us to find food:

03212010 623

03212010 62603212010 625

There is a huge array of food, beautifully presented, and all clearly fresh and clean. We relied on Amy who speaks Chinese to do the choosing – although I think we needed her decision-making skills more than her linguistic ones.

03212010 631

So much to choose from, and much of it still swimming around:

03212010 63803212010 628

I like “before and after” photos.

03212010 645

This is the coolest looking dish – but honestly, it did not look like something I should eat when I jiggled the spoon. Taste was fresh and slightly briny.

03212010 646

This dish was scrumptious – the veggies in the middle tasted like a mild celery; I think they said it is a kind of cucumber. Everytime I polished off one of these dishes, the waitress surreptitiously stole the empty shells away…dangerous! (I have no idea how many I ate).

03212010 647

Apparently, some of the buildings nearby were older….you wouldn’t know it, because they are “mainly” preserved:

03212010 652

I can’t resist strange-looking signs. This one looks like they couldn’t make up their minds, is it dangerous or safe?

03212010 654

We spotted this one in an underground shopping centre:

03212010 688

Which is where we found this fascinating tea shop:

03212010 692

…and were delighted by this hospitable lady

03212010 694

She poured out cup after cup of different teas for us to try, with fast, fluid motions (I was mesmerized)

03212010 689

Lily had to have one of the little guys that changes colour when doused with hot water. I bought the neatest tea set and we headed back up to the streets above.

03212010 658

03212010 663

03212010 675

03212010 698“>

We didn’t have to stray far from the main street to see the older side of Dalian:

03212010 702

03212010 699

03212010 703

03212010 707

03212010 657

Another good day :o)


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7 Responses to “Afternoon Tea in Dalian”

  1. SusanB-knits Says:

    Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful trip. And what interesting food!

  2. moonandmuttley Says:

    Wow, amazing pictures, looks like the trip of a lifetime!!

  3. Purpleworms Says:

    Your pictures are SO gorgeous!! I wish you weren’t ahead of me in posting so I didn’t have to see how beautiful your pictures are before I post mine!! I love the wonderful shots you got of Beijing! The great composition with the beams and the lovely shots of food! Wow!

    • chrisabbott Says:

      You’re too kind – but thanks, I’ll take that as a big compliment from you. I’m almost ready to post my last day (so sad) its been fund reliving our trip.

  4. Purpleworms Says:

    Came back for more! Why does your blog always make me SO hungry!!?

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