Shanghai Dumplings

I set out way early for the airport since I shared a cab with my friend. Her flight was several hours before mine, but I really wanted a proper farewell since we only see each other once or twice a year. I was pleased to find that Shanghai airport is big.  It’s clean, has wide open spaces, lots of windows, and its BIG:

03212010 825

After I checked my big cases into a locker room and spent an hour catching up on email in the Business Centre, I found plenty of places to sit and knit:

03212010 819

(Had to take a closer look at that incredible bonsai)

03212010 820

For some reason, I do not recall seeing open windows at an airport before – there was something impressive about the scale of all these windows and shiny surfaces:

03212010 826

Once I got my luggage checked in, I ran into other travellers from our tour. Natalie, Lily and I decided to do some last-minute shopping. There’s plenty to spend your last Yuan on here. At some point, we were separated from Natalie. Having discovered earlier, that the expensive coffee here is really good (good enough to make up for the dreadful stuff on the cruise) I had to persuade Lily that this coffee bar would be a good place to hang out & see if Natalie should walk by:


Lily looked over the menu and wasted no time tempting me to try Shanghai Dumplings (sooo good!) They honestly tasted like an entire roast pork dinner found its way into the neat little dumplings.


I seriously liked the spinach dumplings too (you didn’t think I could end my trip without any more food photos did you??) See how quickly these goodies disappeared:

P3210889 P3210890 P3210891

Sad to end this trip, but I’m really really ready to go home, and hug my boys (and look at all the goodies I bought!)

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3 Responses to “Shanghai Dumplings”

  1. Purpleworms Says:

    OMG those spinach dumplings look good! I may have to make some!! That tree is incredible. I’m so sad that you don’t have any more Cruise posts to do!!

  2. Natalie Simon Says:

    Oh, those dumplings look soooo good – wish I could have found you and Lily – where was the cafe, on the upper level? or was it right in front of my eyes on the main level?

    I’m about to start knitting your wonderful rainbow hat – got some mini mochi yarn for it – in a colorway quite similar to the scarf I knit on the trip for my daughter Charlee. Will photo and send it when it’s done.

    Be well, Chris


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