Queen Anne’s Lace

Time I moved on to finishing some projects right?

There’s a story behind my last one, I took a trip on the Heartland Flyer to Dallas/Ft Worth a while ago and it was a lovely trip indeed.  The train had much more room than I’d anticipated, and the scenery was delightful – we even saw a couple of bald eagles perched on rocks in the middle of a river.  I also spied a skein of Nimbus Cloud that my knit & travel companion dyed and brought along for one of the friends meeting us at our destination. This stuff is silky, warm, and drrrrapes; in an instant I was reminded of a vintage silk bedjacket that I wore everywhere when I was a teenager. I didn’t want the same jacket (although it was delightful: it was quilted and had a ruffle around the collar and silk-covered buttons), but I knew I had to have enough of this stuff to make me a modern day version of my bedjacket. I actually finished knitting this as my plane touched down in OKC at the end of my Asian trip. Then I had to block and sew in the ends, but NO SEAMS to sew:


I’ve been wearing this jacket over a cami-top and pjs around the house (& really enjoying the luxury too), but just went to a posh dinner and decided this would be perfect for a cool evening.


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2 Responses to “Queen Anne’s Lace”

  1. Solenn Says:

    That is one beautiful jacket…

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