Red Earth

I went to Red Earth in June; since I had family visiting, I nearly overlooked posting some pictures here. Red Earth is an enormous Native American event, held in Oklahoma City each June. There is a judged art exhibition with quite a lot of affordable pieces (mostly pottery, leather, beadwork, paintings & prints). I had to stop by to see Harvey Pratt and his lovely wife Gina – maybe one day I’ll be able to seriously consider investing in some of his work (of course I always fall for the big ticket items). This year, I settled for some beads that should wind up in a knitting project (some day…..).

The event kicks off with a parade, and I found myself watching from a spot near to a wall with a huge mural which turned out to be a very fortunate backdrop. Son commented that this is postcard-worthy (although my equipment and experience do not allow me to claim such praise):


My position and the strong sun limited me to mostly views of participants’ backs – but these are very decorative backs!


The dance competitions are a must-see. There’s such a riot of colour and movement, its hard to know where to look. I played with these photos a little, I chose just a couple that capture the movement as I saw it:




(I kept “taking pictures” long after my camera battery had run out.)

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