Living Pantry

Growing food is turning out to be very satisfying to me.  Its one of the few activities that my man and I both enjoy and can share (for two people that have been crazy in love for 22 years, we are remarkably incompatible).  I decided that watering by hand would allow me time to see what is ripe n ready for harvest (as in I held the hose rather than hooking up a sprinkler; I’m not lugging a watering can across acres of yard!)   I also got to see how picturesque produce can be up close:

Our first pear…..Pear

Toms We have lots of tomatoes (OK, potential tomatoes)

Summer squash flowers are beautifulSquash

Okra Okra plants would fit in any flower bed


Eeewie!  I’m ‘fraidy-cat when it comes to nature’s little helpers! 

This one is way too big for my liking, but son thinks she’s handsome.

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