Rain Can’t Dampen My Spirits…

Although its difficult to do much of anything in the yard because its rather soggy, I know my trees and the new plants are drinking up this delicious rain.  Besides, look what I found in the mail box today!


Anything that isn’t a credit card or refinance offer is welcome, but nothing beats a package wrapped in brown paper. Its a real parcel right?

Okay, opening the brown paper wrapped package and finding out there are gift wrapped gifts in there beats them all :o)


But my birthday isn’t for another nine whole days! I guess I should wait huh? I put them under the Gift Tree:


(What?? I know its really a Christmas Tree, but it works – I can resist opening them while they are there)


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One Response to “Rain Can’t Dampen My Spirits…”

  1. tiekaa Says:

    Open it! Open it! I am curious 😀

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