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If all else fails….

May 16, 2013

You have to be more than just a little crazy to garden in Oklahoma; the only thing you can predict here is that the weather will be unpredictable. But since my glass is usually half full, I’m loving our rain, and mild temperatures and I feel so sure that I’m going to have lots of fruit & veggies, and this time, my mailbox flowerbed will last more than one season.

I went to check on the mailbox flowerbed – I just wanted to see if there were puddles after the showers because I don’t want my new plants to drown. Look what I found….


International Mail!! Don’t you just love when you find something in the mailbox, and you know right away it isn’t junk mail or a bill? I turn the envelope over and over – checking out the foreign stamp, and wondering how many places and hands it passed through on its way to me. Finally, I get to the kitchen table, fix a quick mug of tea (not quite enough patience to brew a pot) and sit down to open my surprise.


Yeay! Cress seeds!! All the way from Sweden. Now I can grow something on my windowsill and if the weather turns against me outside, I’ll still have a lush green patch indoors…. and I shall have the finest egg salad sandwiches ever :o)


Life on the Ocean Waves…

April 5, 2010

Only two more destinations in China left on my trip…..(sigh!)

Looking back, I see little evidence that I was even on a ship.  I’ve picked out a few pictures, but I guess I’m not a good blogger because there’s huge gaps.  I hope none of my travel companions will be offended if they do not see themselves here, I was too busy enjoying their company to stop and take pictures. 

I’m sure you’ve seen cute things made out of towels before, but have you ever seen anything like this hanging from the ceiling?

03212010 429

I jumped out of my skin the first time I saw him, the eyes are foil-covered chocolates and they shone eerily in the half-light. Oddly enough, there were no bananas on the buffet for the first time immediately following this guy’s appearance.

This is Rita (and me) dressed up for formal night – I have a lot of affection for Rita, she looks like my grandmother and is just as nice. I loved the photograph she had of several generations of her family, all wearing a sweater she knitted. My grandmother was miserable if she strayed away from her home town more than a few hours. Rita obviously does not suffer from such an affliction:

03212010 415

She’s a mover too:

03212010 418

Remember our visit to Hiroshima and the Tulip Needle Factory? The tulips they gave us stayed fresh until the last couple of days:

03212010 293

We tried to keep our cabin reasonably tidy since there was room to relax, and knit or play cribbage. Mary Beth finished this in time to wear on formal night (good knitters find a way to block their FOs anywhere):

03212010 411

…..but whenever I just got back from shopping, everything exploded!

03212010 608

I met so many nice people, not only were our group of knitters fun & interesting to hang out with, but other passengers on the ship were pleasure to meet too. I found myself giving knitting lessons to Deborah in the breakfast buffet (we were up earlier than most). I wonder if she is still knitting on this kidsilk scarf:

03212010 615

I can’t believe I didn’t take any picture out on a deck until our trip was almost over – I guess I must’ve been busy. On this day, it was very windy, but I could feel the temperature rising nicely as we headed away from Beijing.

03212010 735