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Brain Wave is Now Available

February 14, 2010

Many thanks to Betty for naming my hat, I’ve sent Betty and Paige (who won the random draw) their patterns.

I finished my second Brain Wave, this one is for my brother-in-law.  Who would’ve thought it came from the same skeins of yarn as the first hat?


I’m going to have to make one of these for me….


And the finalists are…

January 31, 2010

Elemental Maelstrom, Hypnotic, Brain Wave, and Earth Wind & Fire – thanks to my BabySis and SisterFriend for choosing those, I couldn’t possibly do that myself, I like them all.

I’ve posted for votes in Ravelry – voting closes Monday (tomorrow) at midnight. Once the winner has been chosen, I’ll do a random drawing from the rest of the entries. This is fun!!

In case you hadn’t noticed, some of us got a lot of weather in the last few days. When I saw the forecast, I decided to meet a friend for lunch Copia on the Corridor in Norman, which was a treat in itself since my budget & diet has me taking lunch to work lately.  Crab cakes were delicious, and I really enjoyed the art they had on display.  Then I dropped in at L & B Yarn Co just to pick up a needle in a size missing from my collection…..couldn’t be stuck home in a storm without that needle.  What timing!  “Would you like to come back into the store room and see what we just got?”  says a temptress in the guise of a harmless little yarn store owner.  (which induced an indecent quickening of heartbeart)…..

They were unpacking a shipment of yarn including Mini Mochi and Mochi Plus.  Despite my resolve to minimize spending, I had to choose at least one of the lovely colourways.  I need some of the Mochi Plus so I may create a softer, beret-style sister to the man’s beanie – right?  Here’s what I got (had to take the picture in the window as there was so little light):


Competition – Name This Hat

January 23, 2010

I finished my man’s beanie already.  Lookie!


and the top:


This was so much fun to knit, and I have more yarn left than I used. I guess that means I could’ve wound half a skein and worked from the two halves to get a hat out of one skein of Mini Mochi! Steal!!

I’m having a competition to name the hat (while I polish up and publish the pattern). Post a comment with a name for the hat. I’ll give a free copy of this pattern, plus, you may choose another of my patterns to the winning name.

A Beanie for the Man – Progress

January 23, 2010

“I don’t have anything like this” says my husband as he points to the rainbow-coloured Mini Mochi.   (The one in the middle of the selection pictured in my first post on My Man’s Beanie below).

He, being all man, does not actually say he would like a hat made with that yarn, and does not pick it up to feel it, just a firm point.  Me, being all knitter-woman, jumps to the conclusion that different is good, so this hat will be really different.

I browsed, snoozed, browsed, checked out patterns raising funds for Haiti and so on until I realized that not one pattern contained all the features I want for this demonstration of love for my hubby.  So I’m improvising this one.  A quick consultation with the OT: FGF Insanity Group’s 2010 Colorwork Support Thread, yielded me a link to a wonderful tutorial posted to with an excellent demonstration not only of two-handed knitting, but also a technique for weaving or twisting in the yarn carried in the back.  I think short, neat, loops in the back will be essential for a hat that will be (hopefully) worn frequently.

Check out my progress so far:


I took this with me to a knitters’ group I attended for the first time a couple of days ago.  Nice little group of knitters with varying experience.  I’ll be back: coffee shop + book store + good company of other knitters is a good way to goof off for an hour or two.

A Beanie for the Man

January 20, 2010

My husband wears hats.  He has lots and lots of hats.  He tried on my Chocolate Turtle Hat, asked me if it took long to knit, and let me know that he would like one that doesn’t come down quite so far over his head.  Now I have a couple of wips that need my attention, and several designs that I need to finish, buuuuut, I’m only a third of the way through Advent Argyle; the sweater I planned to make my darling man for Christmas – the one that’s already happened and gone.  Methinks I could regain a little face if I can knock out a beanie as requested.

Now I know enough about my man to know that you never know what he would choose to wear.  So I gathered up a half-dozen or so skeins of yarn from my stash, avoiding anything that would itch, pill, or that is already “taken” and asked him to choose one – which do you think he took?


Chocolate Turtle Hat

January 19, 2010

Even though I should be finishing something I already have on needles, I just couldn’t resist the urge to start a new project the other day. My favouritest groups in Ravelry have a chocolate inspired KAL for gloves, scarves, socks, and hats. I hadn’t knit a hat in the longest time, and no longer possessed a handknit hat. Picked up some Louisa Harding Grace: its 50/50 silk and wool DK weight, feels much nicer than these photos look:


Greys of Shade Hat pattern by Sandra Chung – a very quick knit (only took me two days) and the perfect project to show off the stone turtle button I picked up when visiting family in England last year.