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Fruits of Our Labour

May 15, 2013

I got a good workout carrying a watering can full of a solution with feed & bug protection to each of the nut & fruit trees at the bottom of our yard. This stuff is expensive, but I used it on the peaches last year and they did much better despite the drought. I’m late with the treatment but no choice since I’ve been recovering from a shoulder surgery. In fact, I think this is the first time this year I’ve walked all the way out here and inspected our little orchard.

All three apple trees have teensy fruit on them:

Apple in May

But there’s only a few treasures on one of the two peach trees:

Peach in May

The largest pecans have tassel-like flowers – are they flowers? I don’t know. I’m hoping that these will give us some nuts at last. We planted the pecans as 12″ twigs about 12 years ago, and babied them as best we could; I’d like to see some fruit from our labour……

Pecan in May



July 11, 2010

We’re pretty new to gardening, and this year I didn’t expect much as we were late starting any seeds, and we’ve had searing heat too early, followed by hail then torrential rains. I was thrilled yesterday when my man asked me to get a large bowl and follow him (being gently led by the hand was a treat in itself). Proudly, he pointed to the best Summer Squash we’ve produced to date, aaaaand he pointed out that it may be worth picking some peaches too! I set my harvest on the kitchen counter just as the sun was going down; IĀ couldn’t resist taking this picture:

Beautifyl Produce

The peaches are pretty small – but they are pretty! I’ve taken about a quarter of them, mostly from the lowest branches as there’s critters in my yard making off with some already. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to sample some really ripe ones in the next week or so.