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Modern Lace Shawl: Pamuya

November 1, 2010

I’ve been busy getting a Fall garden going lately – the weather is just delicious right now, and almost every evening ends like this:

Sunrise 10/31/2010

Once indoors, I squeezed in a few rows here and there on Pamuya designed by Alexandra Weidmayer, which I thoroughly enjoyed knitting.

Pamuya II

There are enough plain(ish) rows for mindless knitting while reading or travelling. I really like how it looks relatively modern, yet is light and lacey.  You can check out more of Alexandra’s designs here: dragansvarg

Pamuya VII

The yarn is Schaeffer Trenna, which is 50/50 merino & silk – feels so good, I can’t quite make up my mind as to whether this is a keeper or a gift for someone special….



June 29, 2010

My silk top is coming along nicely.  I’m limited on opportunities to keep knitting on it while travelling as it isn’t really a convenient size, and I’m having to work out little challenges (such as how to make the pleats face the right way).  I’m working up one side of the front neck right now.  If this thing looks good on me, I’ll probaby write it up and have some different sized knitters test it for me.


New Cast On?

June 15, 2010

I started a simple top in Silk 2 from Lotus Yarns.  I needed something that I could just keep knitting in stocking stitch while I was studying for an exam since I have the hardest time sitting still with a dull book.  Mindless knitting helps me sit still while focusing on the content of my reading. 

This will be a short-sleeved t-shirt with a pleated neckline. Since the top will have pleats, and should have a little drape, I needed a cast-on edge that is stretchy and not bulky. So regular cast-ons were out, as well as any kind of cast-ons that involve making a hem, which I believe would cause the lower edge to stand away from my body in an uncomplimentary fashion.

I settled on a variation of the Channel Islands cast on, and I think I may have created a new one here since I can’t find anything like it.  I added a k1, p1 row just above, then a couple of rows later a K3, p1 which does not create the bulk of a rib, yet has stopped the edge from curling up:


 I couldn’t find a similar cast on in any of my knitting books – has anyone seen a cast on that creates picots and eyelets like this?

I haven’t decided whether I’ll publish to pattern for the top yet, I guess I’ll see how the top and sleeves turn out.

Lovely Lavender

June 5, 2010

I’ve been working on socks a lot lately, and its necessary to keep a pretty tight tension on those for good fit and wear.  I decided I’d like to work on something with a looser tension for a change, which brought lace shawls to mind.  However, I didn’t want to start on another large project so I decided to do a miniature shawl using some Silk 2 that I bought from Lotus Yarns when I was in China. The yarn is very strong and makes lovely lace:


I used this mini-shawl as a way to practice attaching a border to a square. I’m going to try some more ideas out this way. Seemed to me that this is a swatch that I can turn into something useful. It so happens that I got a harvest of lavender from my neglected courtyard this week. My dining room (temporary lavender-drying room) smells heavenly right now.


I plan to remove all the flower heads to fill a silk square topped with my lace mini-shawl. Lavender repels moths and smells wonderful (to me) so I think this would be a super project to keep around my precious stash or maybe it should go into my best sweater drawer?

Queen Anne’s Lace

April 28, 2010

Time I moved on to finishing some projects right?

There’s a story behind my last one, I took a trip on the Heartland Flyer to Dallas/Ft Worth a while ago and it was a lovely trip indeed.  The train had much more room than I’d anticipated, and the scenery was delightful – we even saw a couple of bald eagles perched on rocks in the middle of a river.  I also spied a skein of Nimbus Cloud that my knit & travel companion dyed and brought along for one of the friends meeting us at our destination. This stuff is silky, warm, and drrrrapes; in an instant I was reminded of a vintage silk bedjacket that I wore everywhere when I was a teenager. I didn’t want the same jacket (although it was delightful: it was quilted and had a ruffle around the collar and silk-covered buttons), but I knew I had to have enough of this stuff to make me a modern day version of my bedjacket. I actually finished knitting this as my plane touched down in OKC at the end of my Asian trip. Then I had to block and sew in the ends, but NO SEAMS to sew:


I’ve been wearing this jacket over a cami-top and pjs around the house (& really enjoying the luxury too), but just went to a posh dinner and decided this would be perfect for a cool evening.

Beijing & the Yarn Bus

April 2, 2010

We’ve finally arrived in China! 

Everything is a little different here – like they had real immigration people (that looked real serious) to check our passports.  The Lotus Yarn company awaited us….with a bus FULL of yarn:

03212010 438

Got cashmere???

They had all our pre-orders ready, plus lots more good stuff. I got silk, silk, and more silk, some cashmere, bamyak, bamboo, and some cotton with a touch of cashmere blended (Autumn Wind). I swatched the cotton blend right away and am in love with it. Finally I’ve found a yarn that will be good for Oklahoma weather, and with the cashmere, is soft enough to be a pleasure to knit. Uh-oh, I just spotted some merino lace-weight that I have to buy….(and all this without getting out of my seat!)

We have a long drive to Beijing so occasionally I set my knitting down and took a picture:

03212010 462

03212010 466

When we arrived, I really didn’t pay attention to what we were going to do, I just (barely) kept up with the group and took the odd picture of my foreign surroundings along the way:

03212010 474

03212010 495

03212010 485

Here I am, just inside the forbidden city – yes, the layers were necessary (so glad I took some warm knits with me). Although we were blessed with a sunny day, it was chilly to say the least.

03212010 515

This place is amazingly beautiful

03212010 523

03212010 529

03212010 531

…so much to look at

03212010 533

03212010 511

Everytime you go through a gate or doorway, there’s even more ahead of you than you’ve already seen:

03212010 539

03212010 549

I was fascintated with the ceramic roofs. They are incredibly ornate, and glistened like gold in the sunshine:

03212010 564

03212010 562

Evidently, I’m drawn to golden things

03212010 567

03212010 568

…but I did try to remember to look down from time to time

03212010 581

(and up)

03212010 583

03212010 590

There’s me again, still uncomfortable with being on the other side of the camera:

03212010 595

“Look at those knockers!” (couldn’t help myself)

03212010 601

03212010 600

03212010 603