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Rain Can’t Dampen My Spirits…

May 17, 2013

Although its difficult to do much of anything in the yard because its rather soggy, I know my trees and the new plants are drinking up this delicious rain.  Besides, look what I found in the mail box today!


Anything that isn’t a credit card or refinance offer is welcome, but nothing beats a package wrapped in brown paper. Its a real parcel right?

Okay, opening the brown paper wrapped package and finding out there are gift wrapped gifts in there beats them all :o)


But my birthday isn’t for another nine whole days! I guess I should wait huh? I put them under the Gift Tree:


(What?? I know its really a Christmas Tree, but it works – I can resist opening them while they are there)


If all else fails….

May 16, 2013

You have to be more than just a little crazy to garden in Oklahoma; the only thing you can predict here is that the weather will be unpredictable. But since my glass is usually half full, I’m loving our rain, and mild temperatures and I feel so sure that I’m going to have lots of fruit & veggies, and this time, my mailbox flowerbed will last more than one season.

I went to check on the mailbox flowerbed – I just wanted to see if there were puddles after the showers because I don’t want my new plants to drown. Look what I found….


International Mail!! Don’t you just love when you find something in the mailbox, and you know right away it isn’t junk mail or a bill? I turn the envelope over and over – checking out the foreign stamp, and wondering how many places and hands it passed through on its way to me. Finally, I get to the kitchen table, fix a quick mug of tea (not quite enough patience to brew a pot) and sit down to open my surprise.


Yeay! Cress seeds!! All the way from Sweden. Now I can grow something on my windowsill and if the weather turns against me outside, I’ll still have a lush green patch indoors…. and I shall have the finest egg salad sandwiches ever :o)

Beaded Hot August Nights & Other Projects

October 7, 2010

Care to join me for a cup of tea? I couldn’t resist donning these gloves for my afternoon ritual. Turns out that adding beads isn’t too difficult, and so so pretty!


Next time I knit up this design, I think I’m going to make them elbow length. I made this pair for Fingerless Gloves Fanatics Summer Swap on Ravelry. I’m thrilled that they look to be a good fit for the recipient.

I participated in another swap: OT FGF Insanity Housewares Medium Flat Rate Box Swap – that’s a long name for a swap! I tried knitting dishcloths and a market bag – I have a new respect for these items and will have to make some more for me:

Housewares Swap

Here’s a really versatile yarn, raffia!

Raffia Market Bag

Made a pretty market bag, and see what I did with the leftovers:


Its pretty late in the year, but I don’t think you can ever count on the weather in Oklahoma, so I may as well throw caution to the wind, and a few seeds on the yard. I’m sticking with a small patch as an experiment – most of these seeds are for late Fall/early Winter crops, some I may try to cover and hope that they don’t die come the first frost.

Hail May!

June 5, 2010

I’ve been bizzzzzzy the last few weeks! I looked at my last post here, and can’t believe how much time has passed, and that I was reminiscing about weather Oklahoma-style. We got more weather, Oklahoma style. On the morning of May 10th, our local news channels warned viewers that conditions could be as dangerous as May 3rd ’99, stressing that there would be severe storms and a high likelihood of tornadoes. Everyone should be where they need to be (home or somewhere safe) by 4:00 pm. So we moved our laptops to the storm shelter and my car into the garage. When we saw a tornado headed towards us on TV, we moved ourselves to the shelter…..then all hail broke loose! The biggest hail I’ve ever seen:


The hail actually pierced the decking on our roof so we made son wait a good 10 minutes before we decided it was safe enough to go outside and retrieve this hail stone, by this time, the rain reduced its size a little. It now has pride of place on what was the ice cream shelf in our freezer.  Funny, I ran out of tape when I printed labels to help the guys find stuff, so the shelf was labelled “ice” now it looks like I put that up there just for this occasion.

I’m smiling as I recall our stormy evening, it was reassuring that my family knew what to do. It was very nice to have a secure shelter to go to, right in the middle of our home.  So we have claims on a couple of autos (the windshields were smashed and there’s craters in the hoods) as well as one for the house.   The claims rep that came to inspect our roof and a few items in the yard that were damaged, commented that we were taking everything very well. I explained that I knew for a fact, that so long as no one is seriously hurt, even if the whole house had been blown away, within three years you find yourself wondering how come there isn’t enough room in a 3-car garage to park your car.  Life goes on…..

Sunset I

(Immediately after the storm)

And the finalists are…

January 31, 2010

Elemental Maelstrom, Hypnotic, Brain Wave, and Earth Wind & Fire – thanks to my BabySis and SisterFriend for choosing those, I couldn’t possibly do that myself, I like them all.

I’ve posted for votes in Ravelry – voting closes Monday (tomorrow) at midnight. Once the winner has been chosen, I’ll do a random drawing from the rest of the entries. This is fun!!

In case you hadn’t noticed, some of us got a lot of weather in the last few days. When I saw the forecast, I decided to meet a friend for lunch Copia on the Corridor in Norman, which was a treat in itself since my budget & diet has me taking lunch to work lately.  Crab cakes were delicious, and I really enjoyed the art they had on display.  Then I dropped in at L & B Yarn Co just to pick up a needle in a size missing from my collection…..couldn’t be stuck home in a storm without that needle.  What timing!  “Would you like to come back into the store room and see what we just got?”  says a temptress in the guise of a harmless little yarn store owner.  (which induced an indecent quickening of heartbeart)…..

They were unpacking a shipment of yarn including Mini Mochi and Mochi Plus.  Despite my resolve to minimize spending, I had to choose at least one of the lovely colourways.  I need some of the Mochi Plus so I may create a softer, beret-style sister to the man’s beanie – right?  Here’s what I got (had to take the picture in the window as there was so little light):